Faculty Members from the University of Texas at Austin


Research Area
Eric Anslyn Chemistry Chemometric supramolecular chemistry for enantiomeric excess
Dean Appling Molecular Biosciences Mammalian mitochondrial one-carbon metabolism
Jeff Barrick Molecular Biosciences Systems biology approach for mutations on cell physiology
Jenny Brodbelt Chemistry Mass spectrometric characterization of lipopolysaccharides
Kevin Dalby Molecular Biosciences Structure, function, inhibition of mitogen-activated protein kinases
Ron Elber Chemistry Dynamics of biomolecules
Andy Ellington Molecular Biosciences Genetic circuits based on allosteric ribozymes
Walt Fast Molecular Biosciences Enzymology of dimethylarginase:  Inhibition of nitric oxide production
George Georgiou Molecular Biosciences Protein engineering for human therapeutics
Brent Iverson Chemistry Protease engineering:  enzyme directed evolution
Mike Krische Chemistry Synthesis of bioactive molecules:  green chemistry
Ben Liu Chemistry Mechanisms of biosynthetic formation of deoxy sugars
Stephen Martin Chemistry Synthesis of bioactive targets; protein-ligand interactions
Ed Marcotte Molecular Biosciences Network-directed discovery of polygenic disease genes
Rick Russell Molecular Biosciences Probing dead-box proteins as general RNA chaperones
Stephen Trent Molecular Biosciences Remodelling of bacterial lipopolysaccharides
Lauren Webb Chemistry Mapping electrostatic interactions at protein interfaces
Marvin Whiteley Molecular Biosciences Cell communication and pathogenesis of P. aeruginosa
Chris Whitman Molecular Biosciences Structure and mechanism in the tautomerase superfamily